This is Ilkley

This is Ilkley logoDo you run a business or offer a service in or around the Ilkley area? We need to talk. I can offer a host of fantastic opportunities to advertise your business on this site and I know you’re going to like them.

Yes, you can buy a banner ad if you want. They work perfectly well and I’d be more than happy to carry your message, but there are more fun ways to connect with this audience.

Branded Content

Let’s meet to discuss some fun, tailored content – you could have your own Buzzfeed-style list, but targeted directly at the people who you want to become your customers. I can also make branded videos that promote your message too. Here’s the result of a piece I made in association with Holiday Inn:

People are wise to traditional advertising, they take less notice of it than they used to. However, if your message comes in the form of genuinely good content, studies show people don’t mind that there is a commercial element and they engage with it readily. It might take a bit more effort, but it’s completely worth it.

Contact me now to discuss your needs and this might be the start of a beautiful relationship: