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Alert Poster at Ilkley Library but What Does It Mean?

You may have seen an alert posted on the noticeboard outside the front door of Ilkley Library. The message comes from Bradford Council, but what does it mean?

The Alert Poster at Ilkley Library

Here’s the poster in all its glory:Alert at Ilkley Library

If the alert status is ‘severe’ it’s good that we are aware, but there is just one problem. What is the nature of the alert? Nowhere on the poster is there an actual explanation of what kind of alert it is. Is it an Ilkley Library alert? Are they down to their last three Barbara Cartlands?

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It is obviously posted outside a Bradford Council building in order to inform the public of something serious. However, if it really is that serious, should they be indulging in a high-stakes parlour game, where Ilkley residents can only run for safety once they’ve worked out the nature of the danger by solving a set of cryptic clues? It reminds me of this clip from the Simpsons:

What Could it Mean?

If Bradford Council aren’t going to tell us what it is that is currently ‘severe’, we’ll have to be as silly as possible and make up some possible explanations. Here are some of my suggestions:

And here are some of yours from Instagram:Ilkley Library Severe Alert Suggestions

So, is it to warn us about low stock at Bettys, marauding Lancastrians or interlopers from down south? Just as I did when I wanted to find out why bin collections are so early, I contacted Bradford Council through Twitter to ask.

Bradford Council Explains The Alert Poster at Ilkley Library

When questioned on the meaning of the alert poster at Ilkley Library, Bradford Council gave this reply: Bradford Council Alert at Ilkley Library

I was sent a link to this page from Bradford Council’s website. As I had guessed originally, it was to do with the nationwide terror threat, which currently sits at ‘severe’. Presumably the council is obliged to provide that information, which is why it is posted on all council buildings. My question about why it doesn’t actually tell you what the alert is for was apparently passed on to Facilities Management.

It could be a mere oversight, which would would be a little shoddy on the council’s behalf. Surely someone at some point should have pointed out that the posters across the whole council area were lacking one rather important piece of information.

The other potential reason is that the council doesn’t want to panic residents. Although, presenting the full facts is often more calming than warning that *something* is severe.

Libraries Near Ilkley

Ilkley Library is still under the direct control of Bradford Council, whilst Addingham, Burley-in-Wharfedale and Menston’s services are run by the community. Burley Library supporters recently persuaded the parish council to save the current building, rather than move the books into the Queen’s Hall, across the village.

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