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Why Bradford Council Bin Collections Happen so Early.

Ever struggled to sleep through the noise of an early morning visit from the bin men? It seems that Bradford Council bin collections are starting earlier than ever, but residents are not happy. With pick-ups happening on weekdays, surely those in charge should be more considerate of the need for children to enjoy a good sleep. Is just after 6am an acceptable time for what is a very loud activity in residential areas? Especially with kids about to return to school.

What Bradford Council Has to Say

When a recycling round rocked up on our Burley-in-Wharfedale street at 6:15 one morning, I decided to ask the council why they needed to start so early. This is the response from Bradford Council’s Twitter team:

Bradford Council Bin Collections Reason

Morning Jim, the crews are out collecting up until 5pm. Unfortunately, due to resources and increase in rounds, they must leave the yard from 6am to complete the day’s work. I apologise for any inconvenience caused and will feed this back to waste management.

It seems the lorries are out all day, but surely they could shift the times a little later to avoid waking the kids of the Bradford area. They obviously don’t have a problem with working through the morning rush hour (and I can’t say I’ve ever been stuck behind a waste collection team for any amount of time on my commute), so why can’t they work until 6pm in order to allow residents a little extra sleep? Would it make that much of a difference to people’s journeys home from work?

I put this to the council and this is what they said:
Bradford Council Bins Reasons for Coming so Early

I have spoken to waste management about this. History shows there have been previous issues with access if the crews leave any later. They also have certain areas they have to complete before schools begin for obvious health and safety purposes.

Bradford Council Budget

It’s fairly obvious that the council is operating under a shrinking budget. What I take from these messages is that there is a need for more waste management teams out on the road, but they simply can’t afford it. Crews must work 11-hour shifts, which means some of us have to put up with noisy 6am bin collections. I understand waste near schools needs collecting early for health and safety reasons, but a good night’s sleep is also important for children’s health and safety.

What Do You Think About Early Bradford Council Bin Collections?

This is a tough one. It seems we’ll have to endure more austerity in the coming years, so it’s unlikely there will be more cash for waste management in Bradford any time soon. The team in charge has to cut its cloth accordingly, whilst those out on the streets can’t exactly tiptoe round and empty bins quietly.

This could be just the boost the double glazing industry has been waiting for.

Do you dread the early morning wake-up and the inevitable dressing-gown-clad dash to put the bins out? Do you think people should stop whinging and put up with it? Let us know your thoughts on Bradford Council bin collections in the comments section.    

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