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This Burley Cricket Club Notice Will Make You Despair for Humanity

Burley Cricket Club sits in the heart of the village and the pleasing thud of leather on willow echos around on a sunny day. It’s a sound as English as drinking tea, eating fish and chips and watching trashy TV programmes simply to make yourself angry. However, it seems not everyone appreciates the finer points of the game.

Burley Cricket Club Warning Notice

Recently, on match days, signs have sprung up on both sides of Grange Road to warn drivers about parking in the vicinity. Here’s an example:

Notice at Burley Cricket Club that will make you despair for humanity.


“Warning for car owners parked on Grange Road. Cricket game this afternoon. High risk of damage to cars. Burley-in-Wharfedale Cricket Club cannot accept responsibility or pay for any repair costs that may occur.”

When you think about it, that sign could make you despair for humanity. The implication is that someone once parked RIGHT NEXT TO A CRICKET GROUND and then complained when a cricket ball hit their car. There is surely no other explanation as to why the club has suddenly felt the need to stick these signs up.

It’s not like BiWCC tries to hide its real identity. It is quite obviously a cricket club. Maybe its the cricket scoreboard, cricket pavilion, cricket pitch or the sign that says ‘Burley-in-Wharfedale Cricket Club’, but it doesn’t take Poirot to work out what might go on there on a Saturday afternoon.

How did the person taking the complaint keep a straight face? How did they resist telling the complainer to take some responsibility for themselves and their property? It’s like pitching a tent at Yeadon Tarn and then complaining to Leeds Bradford Airport you were woken by the 7:20 to Alicante.

Bat-for-Cash Scam?

Maybe it could be Burley-in-Wharfedale’s very own version of the cash-for-crash scams. At busy junctions, criminals often cause others to drive into the back of their cars and then claim for all sorts of made up personal injuries. This could be a bat-for-cash scam, perhaps. Folks would have to rely on batters being on good enough form to inflict the necessary damage to their vehicles, though.

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