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Four Rude Place Names in the Ilkley Area

Everyone loves rude place names, right? Okay, it’s not exactly high art, but you can be forgiven a titter when you pass certain road names, and we’re blessed with some crackers in LS29.

Here are the four best slightly naughty street names in the Ilkley area:

Golden Butts Road, Ilkley

One of the rude place names in LS29 - Golden Butts Road, Ilkley

A visit to the tip is traditionally a tiresome chore that must be ticked off before you’re allowed to tuck in to your Sunday dinner. What makes it a cheerier experience round here is the fact that you find Ilkley’s household waste recycling centre on Golden Butts Road.

Victoria Beckham might have affectionately called David Golden Butt had his career not taken the stellar turn it did. As if, rather than gracing the Old Trafford pitch and captaining England, he instead spent twenty years plugging away with moderate success in the wilderness of League One.

What it Really Means

The most likely definition of butts in this case is that is refers to the place from where a grouse hunter shoots. Evidently, the people who stalked their prey in this part of town did it in style, pimping their butts with gold, Kanye West-style. Well, it is Ilkley after all.

Cocking Lane, Addingham

Cocking Lane, Adding, one of the rude place names in the Ilkley area

Any trip out towards Skipton and the Dales begins with a traditional giggle at the name of Cocking Lane, just off the A65 between Ilkley and Addingham. Even better, there is a property called Swallow House on this very road – you literally couldn’t make it up. Imagine how difficult it is to persuade Pizza Palazzo that you’re a genuine customer when you give THAT address for delivery.

What it Really Means

Cocking is the act of forming hay or straw into cones, which makes sense, given the road’s rural location.

Dick’s Garth Road, Menston

Dicks Garth Road, Menston is a rude place name in the Ilkley area.

Okay, this isn’t really that naughty as it’s clearly a reference to the name Dick, but it still sort of counts. It is a fairly funny name after all. Apologies to the Dicks of LS29. In a manner of speaking.

What it Really Means

A garth is a type of paddock. This suggests a horsey man called Richard was the original landowner here.

Low Wood Rise, Ben Rhydding

Rude Place Names: Low Wood Rise in Ben Rhydding

You should see the doctor about that, mate.

Notable Rude Place Names Further Afield

Just outside the Ilkley area, but worthy of note, include this champion of all rude place names, Fanny Street in Saltaire, named after village founder Titus Salt’s second daughter.

A rude place name near Ilkley - Fanny Street, Saltaire

And Otley’s fantastically-christened Tittybottle Park. This is due to its shape when viewed from above or because nannies used to meet up and bottle feed kids there back in the day, depending on who you believe.

Tittybottle Park, Otley

Do you know of any other comedy street names nearby? What are the best examples you know? Share them in the Comments section. 

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