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Ilkley Film to Begin Shooting & Five Films They Should Make

An Ilkley film project will begin shooting in town this month. The black comedy, entitled Ilkley, stars Derek Jacobi, Roger Allam and Anna Maxwell-Martin, and the action takes place during the Ilkley Literature Festival.

Ilkley Film Plot

The movie centres around a world-renowned secularist arriving to speak at the literature festival. However, he soon becomes the target of an assassination attempt by two evangelists. Anna Maxwell-Martin is a Yorkshire lass who appeared in Becoming Jane, the film about the early life of Jane Austen. Derek Jacobi is known for a wide range of credits, from I Claudius to Last Tango in Halifax, whilst Roger Allam notably stars as hapless MP Peter Mannion in The Thick of It.

Ilkley Film Starring Derek Jacobi

Expect to see the stars of the Screen Yorkshire-backed Ilkley in the coming weeks.

More Movies Filmed in Ilkley

The new project isn’t our first brush with Hollywood. Drew Barrymore stayed at the Cow and Calf hotel during the filming of Miss You Already in 2014. Calendar Girls featured Ilkley-based scenes, and Bafta-nominated God’s Own Country features the moors between here and Keighley.

Create Another Ilkley Film

We boast some of the most spectacular scenery in the world, not to mention a beautiful cinema. We deserve to have more films set on our doorstep, so let’s put together some ideas. You never know, they might even become a reality! Here are some to get you started:

Grove Actually

Ten interwoven stories track the day-to-day lives of the retailers on The Grove in Ilkley. Will they ever get the bookshop’s milk delivery correct? Who is the mysterious customer who phoned in an order for 625 fat rascals from Betty’s? Featuring Hugh Grant doing his best Yorkshire twang.

A Few Good Menston

Legal drama in which it turns out that most of the residents of West Yorkshire’s most rock ‘n’ roll village in fact CAN handle the truth.

Ben Hur Rhydding

Notable mainly for an epic chariot-racing scene, the momentum of which is interrupted by an unnecessary pit stop at Tesco Extra for product placement reasons.

Carry On Cow and Calf Boy

Kenneth Williams’ trousers fall down whist atop Yorkshire’s most famous landmark. Sid James chuckles gruffly. As is the plot for pretty much every Carry On film ever.

Far From the Addingham Crowd

A local woman has the choice of three potential suitors, all of whom drink at The Fleece.

Do you have a suggestion for an Ilkley film? Stick it in the Comments section and perhaps it will be picked up by a major studio! 

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  1. The Witches of Appletreewick – Jack Nicholson and friends rum amok at the Parcevall Hall tea room (open daily from 30th March to the end of September between 10.30 to 16.30)

  2. Easby Rider – Little known sequel to the ’69 classic. Opens with Fonda and Hopper tearing down Barden Rd, onto the A65, and racing the steam train down to Bolton Abbey. Trippy stuff.

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