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You’ll Never Look at This Menston Road Sign the Same Way Again

If you’ve ever driven along the A65 past Menston, on the way to Burley, Ilkley and beyond, you’ll have seen a certain road sign. Of course, there are hundreds of signs along the road, but this one’s different. To some, it merely advises them of their best route to Otley, Harrogate or Skipton. From now on, it will mean something very different to you.

The sign on Bradford Road:

Menston Road Sign
You may not have paid too much attention, given the competing attractions of Menston Cricket Club and the Fox pub a few metres ahead. You might well have been busy concentrating on the road, which is fair enough. But in the cold light of day, do you think the sign looks familiar?

Yes, this isn’t just a helpful piece of street furniture, it’s also an almost-perfect representation of the devil horns hand gesture beloved of rock fans. Here’s what it looks like on a real hand:

Devil Horn Rock Hand Gesture, Just Like the Road Sign in Menston

See? Uncanny, right? But what if we were to merge the two? This also fits in with the fact that Menston is officially the most rock ā€˜nā€™ roll place round here.

We could submit a suggestion to Bradford Council that they update the current text on the sign in recognition. How about something like this:

Road Sign in Menston that Look Like the Rock Devil Horns Hand Gesture Gets Rock Band Names Added

That’s better, although you will never be able to drive past Menston again without thinking of this. Sincere apologies. This site has a habit of obsessing over road signage.

Trouble Ahead for Menston?

After pointing this startling similarity out, This is Ilkley may now be responsible for Menston being sued. It turns out that Kiss frontman Gene Simmons filed an application to the Patent Office in the US just last month to trademark this very gesture. He reckons he created and popularised the devil horns, although there will be some very intense debates on that point between sweaty old men in leather for years to come.

Would this mean that, if Simmons took issue with the sign, he could force the council to change the junction? Probably not, but it would make a change from complaints about bin collections.

Other Signs That Look Like Other Things

Once you spot one, you start looking for others. How about this one? Just a mile or so down the road, at Burley-in-Wharfedale, there’s this one:

Road Sign at Burley-in-Wharfedale

Anyone else think it has the look of Krusty the Clown from The Simpsons? No, thought not…

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