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VIDEO: Ilkley Has Its Very Own Dad Joke

Everyone loves a dad joke. When I say everyone, I mean ‘dads’, but I think those that endure them secretly enjoy them too. Did you know that Ilkley has its own dad joke? Take a look.

Ilkley’s Dad Joke – the Video

This is a clip from a longer video about Ilkley. Take a look at the full Bewildered Family Guide to Yorkshire – Ilkley video. 

Other Towns With Dad Jokes

Every dad enjoys visiting a town where they can easily crack a gag about a famous feature to their family, and Ilkley is firmly on that list. Here are some other towns that lend themselves to paternal humour.


My mother-in-law lives near Chesterfield and has heard my “haven’t they fixed that crooked spire?” gag so many times she and my wife just zone out now. Of course, we visit a lot, so my kids will be ‘treated’ to it for years to come. Lucky them.

Chesterfield has its own dad joke,based around its crooked spire, and now Ilkley has joined the club.


This is a little more difficult, because you need a stroke of luck. On entering Northampton, dads will ask their family a question that needs a specific answer to set up the gag. Here’s how the conversation goes:

“Anyone know what Northampton is famous for?”

“Shoe making.”

“What a load of cobblers!”

You won’t always strike gold with this one, especially if they answer with “being the home town of Toby Anstis.” You might want to have an alternative answer up your sleeve.


On first sight of the Eiffel Tower: “oh, are we in Blackpool?”


I’m looking forward to taking the kids to Rome. Not only because it is a beautiful, vibrant, exciting city, but because I want to stand outside the Coliseum, taking in the 2,000-year-old architecture and pondering what must have occurred within its walls, before uttering the immortal dad phrase, “they reckon the Romans were the most technologically innovative civilisation around, but if that’s true, how come all their buildings are falling down?”

You could also drop this one in outside the Parthenon in Athens with a little tinkering.

For more video-based Ilkley fun, look at this Top Gear spoof filmed on the moor. In addition, leave your favourite dad joke in the Comments section below. If they are town-specific, even better! 

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