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VIDEO: Top Gear Spoof For ‘Real Families’ Filmed on Ilkley Moor

When you watch Top Gear, do you ever feel that it is a little unrealistic? Yes, they do sometimes feature brand new models of the sort of car you might one day be able to afford, but the fun stuff always contains mega-expensive luxury brands.

We don’t all have the cash to splash out on shiny new speed machines. Some of us drive rust buckets that are creeping towards the double digits in age, not to mention sailing into six figures in terms of mileage.

A More Realistic Top Gear

This is where Tot Gear comes to the rescue. Filmed on the winding roads across Ilkley Moor and in Burley-in-Wharfedale, this video offers an antidote to your Clarksons, Evanses and Le Blancs.

We have kids, so why would we buy a new Ferrari for them to crumble their Farley’s rusks around? You can’t fit a buggy in the back of a Bugatti and have you ever tried to remove lolly stains from a Lamborghini?

We hammer these cars on the way to kids’ sports clubs, rag them around the school run and use the boots to store those ever-important muddy leaves and sticks that the children find and simply must keep. When we pop to Otley to spend half our monthly wage on Waitress shopping in order to qualify for a ‘free’ coffee, we chuck the empty cups in the footwell and we don’t even care.

Top Gear spoof video featuring a realistic family ar

Let’s celebrate the beautiful countryside in our slice of West Yorkshire and the ugliness of our functional vehicles. This is why we need to embrace Tot Gear, not Top Gear!

Do you own a realistic family car that deserves celebrating? Let us know in the comments. Also, get in touch if you think you own the worst car in LS29 – what makes it so bad, why do you still have it and what are your favourite memories that it helped make?

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