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What’s Wrong With the Scene That Greets the Ilkley Train at Leeds?

If you ever take the Ilkley train into Leeds, you know how lucky we are. Passing through Ben Rhydding, Burley and Menston,¬†it generally comes into the city at Platform 2 or 3, right by the gates. It’s also just a quick hop to the London train if you’re heading down south. However, the sight that currently greets you in Leeds is a little troubling.

The View From the Ilkley Train

The Yorkshire Sculpture Triangle Poster That Greets the Ilkley Train in Leeds

You may be thinking, ‘What’s wrong with that? Henry Moore is one of West Yorkshire’s finest sons and we should shout about his work at every opportunity.’ That’s not in doubt, of course. The real problem comes when you look into the wording of the poster in closer detail.

Seen it yet?

Keep looking.

Okay, let me put you out your misery.

What’s Wrong With the Yorkshire Sculpture Triangle Advert

Pointing Out the Issue With the Yorkshire Sculpture Triangle Advert at Leeds Train Station Which You See From the Ilkley Train

Here’s how describes a triangle:

Any three-cornered or three-sided figure, object, or piece.

This means that a triangle with FOUR points at the Henry Moore Institute, Leeds Art Gallery, the Hepworth in Wakefield and Yorkshire Sculpture Park isn’t actually a triangle at all. It’s the Yorkshire Sculpture Quadrilateral.

You may argue that Henry Moore Institute and Leeds Art Gallery are right next door to each other in the city centre, but that STILL counts as two points and an extra side. You didn’t think I’d give up this petty argument that easily, did you?

Explaining the Four-Pointed Triangle

There are three possible explanations for this four-pointed triangle:

  1. We are Yorkshire and everything we do is better than everyone else’s efforts. The Lancastrians have three-pointed triangles? Ours have four points. This seems plausible.
  2. It’s a subtle homage to Henry Moore’s surreal and stylised method of creating sculpture. The triangle is in the viewer’s mind, it’s not what they see with their eyes.
  3. The Yorkshire Sculpture¬†Quadrilateral is a ridiculous name, two of the points are pretty much in the same place, it’s in-keeping with the Yorkshire Rhubarb Triangle brand and, after all, it really doesn’t matter anyway.

I guess we’ll never get to the bottom of this mystery…

For more official-notice-based fun, check out this Menston road sign and I guarantee you’ll never look at it in the same way again.

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